I'm on the pink team. At least, I'm wearing a pink t-shirt and several other girls my age are wearing pink t-shirts and we're all cheering for each other. So it must be some kind of game. There are several other teams with different-colored shirts. We're lining up in the sunshine of an Iowa summer day, in a big vacant field. I can't find my group because there is a younger age group wearing pink shirts, also, and I thought I was with them until I realized they were ten-year-olds. I find my group and we start some sort of scavenger hunt. I have no idea what's going on, so I'm not helping the team out very well. They get irritated with me. Fast forward: in a cabin by a lake. My parents are hosting the pink team. Apparently the other pink girls are total snots, because they kept criticising stuff in my parents' house and my mom got upset.


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