Now that I'm a teacher, I find myself wanting to apologize to all my former teachers for being a brat at times.
  • To Mrs. Avant: I'm sorry I got so annoying that you had to send me to the principal's office. I never again tickled Patrick after that, I was so scared of being sent back to the principal.
  • To that music teacher in second grade, I'm sorry I made such a fuss about the color of my dress. I sincerely thought of it as red, and I didn't yet know the word for magenta, and you didn't call magenta anyway, so I'm chalking it up as one big misunderstanding.
  • Mr. Schmidt: I'm sorry I threw a paper airplane in your class. And generally disrespected you. Even though you were a really weird dude, I should've been more polite.
  • Monsieur Vreeland: everyone in that class made fun of you under your breath. We knew you were a pushover and we took advantage of that. I am so sorry. Even when you were irritated at us for talking or cutting up, we snickered when you tried to sound angry. I know now, as a teacher, how frustrating it is to be laughed at when trying to be serious and in control.
  • Mr. Sweeny-- yes, Mr. Sweeny-- even though you were a HUGE jerk and probably a pedophile, I still shouldn't have given you so much attitude. I thought I was better than sliced bread and that you were cramping my style by making me an alto. I should've just done what you told me to do. But you were a huge jerk in many other regards, so I consider us even.
  • DMG, Dr. Woolie and Dr. Holm: I was a HUGE jerk. Man, I look back at how big a brat I was and cringe. I should have been more respectful to you. I should have listened more. I should have held my tongue so many times. So. Many. Times.
To all my former teachers who ever had a behavior problem with me: I am sorry.


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