2007 Highlights
January 2: Happy New Year.
January 24: How many spiders am I swallowing in my sleep?
February 27: I wrote haiku in Japanese.
March 11: I still hate flourescent lights.
April 6: HOME!
April 28: Even in a very flattering picture, I look like Jack Osbourne.
May 14: Birthday.
June 9: Went to Tokyo.
June 29: I absolutely hate rainy season.
July : I can now understand when people around me are talking about me.
August 29: I blogged about my trip to China.
September 12: I took the GRE.
September 26: I became a millionaire.
October 9: I had a gastro-endoscopy. In Japan. Wide awake.
November 6: I went to Hiroshima.
December 3: SUMO!
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