A Letter from Indiana
I come home from school this evening and immediately I see that I have mail. I dig around and discover that one of the two items is a large envelope (the other is my electric bill. It was depressingly high). The return address is from Indiana University. Well, a big envelope is a good sign, I think. If it were a rejection notice, it'd be a small envelope. I throw the envelope on my kitchen table and start to put my groceries away, thinking I could wait to tear into the envelope like a bear in heat until after I did some chores. I underestimated my own excitement, however. I started talking to myself. Out loud. In my apartment. In a sing-songy voice. "It's a big en-velooope. It's from Indiaaaaaanaaaaa. That's gooooood neeeeews. Probably good neeeeeeews." I finally finish putting away the cold groceries and rip open the envelope. My eye catches only certain phrases: "pleased to inform you," "reccommended for admission, "offered admission for 2008," congratulations." I go berzerk. Jumping up and down, singing and shouting, hands in the air, euphoria. I know where I will be when I go back to the U.S. I have a place. I have a clear path. I will live in Indiana. I will study music theory. These things are certain now. I am happy.

It's funny-- I applied to four graduate schools, and only once interviewed and accepted me. Is this a sign? Did God clearly mark the path for me? I like to think so. It gives me some hope that He's watching out for me.


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    Congrats, girl!! So is that in Indy, then? Too bad I'm not in Nashville, that's only 4 hours away!! Oh my gosh, I can't believe you're coming home soon - two years FLY by!!! Hope I get to see you when you do get back though... I miss you.

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