Pinky Swear
Today some of the English students came to the lounge to eat lunch with Ami and I. We got to talking about the names of the fingers: thumb, index, middle, ring, pinky. The students told us that in Japanese, the fingers are part of a family: the thumb is the dad, the pointer is mom, the middle and ring fingers are sister and brother, and the pinky is the baby. They asked what the word "pinky" means. Ami and I looked at each other a bit and realized that it doesn't really mean anything-- it's just a cute word that means "small." Apparently there's a type of breathmint called Pinky in Japan.

If that wasn't funny enough, then Ami and I explained the "Pinky Swear" and the students got excited and said they have a similar concept in Japanese, called yubikiri. The oath goes something like this:

Yubikirigenman. Usotsuitara, harisenbonnomasu. Yubikitta.

Roughly translated:

Pinky swear. If you break the promise, I'll make you drink 1,000 needles. Pinky Swear.

The Japanese make you drink needles if you break a promise. We cross our hearts and hope to die.

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3 thoughts:
  • At 2/08/2008 10:38 AM, Blogger Bella's Mum and Papa said…

    Stick a needle in my eye if I lie.

  • At 2/08/2008 12:00 PM, Anonymous wynia said…

    I have in the past heard "cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye." So we might not be that far away from the Japanese!

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