Photosearch Survey (stolen from Candi)

1) Answer the questions below
2) Take each answer & type it into the Google image search
3) Take any picture from the first page of results and post

The age you will be on your next birthday:

A place you'd like to travel:

Your favorite food:

Your favorite animal:

The town in which you were born:

Your favorite color:

The town in which you live:

The name of your pet:

Your name:

Your middle name:

A bad habit of yours:

Your first job:

Your favorite kind of music:

Your crush/love:

Car you drive:
written by Ruthie @ 10:29 PM  
3 thoughts:
  • At 2/21/2008 2:59 PM, Anonymous wynia said…

    the pic for your middle name is HI-larious! i might steal this entertaining exercise for my blog too.

    And many congratulations are in order for the grad school admission! Yay!

  • At 2/22/2008 12:26 AM, Blogger candifer said…

    my favorite is your car :-)

    i wrote about you on my blog. yay!

  • At 2/22/2008 6:59 PM, Blogger Christine said…

    Okay, platypus was my answer to fave animal as well! And I want to know who the great looking man is you have in there for your crush/love.

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