Because cereal and milk are so expensive in Japan, I usually buy breakfast pastries or bread at the grocery store to eat for breakfast. Earlier this week there were some assorted pastries on sale for only 98 yen, so I bought a few. I was most excited about something labeled "Cheese Danish," a long, flaky pastry with a strip of white, creamy something down the center. Most Americans, I think, would assume that the white, creamy substance was cream cheese, since the package says "Cheese Danish," and all Americans know that when the word "cheese" is coupled with the word "danish," it doesn't mean "gouda" or "parmesan" but "cream cheese" or something comprable. Since I really enjoy cream cheese, and I enjoy danishes, I figured this was a no-brainer.

The next morning I sat down with a glass of apple juice, a mikan, and the Cheese Danish. I took a big bite of the danish, ensuring that I would get some cream cheese on the first bite. What I tasted was definitely NOT cream cheese. It was salty, with a slight mayonnaise-y flavor, and not pleasing to my tastebuds in the least. I inspected the package more closely to find that the strip of white creamy stuff down the center was something called "cheese mayonnaise," a product not only unheard-of on breakfast pastries in the States, but generally unheard-of in any capacity. I was extremely surprised and dissapointed. My breakfast was ruined.
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  • At 4/08/2008 9:29 AM, Blogger Christine said…

    Thank you for saving me from a fate worse than death! This happened just so you could rescue me from a stupid mistake and disappointment as well.


    (spelling lesson for the day)

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