Apparently Shinzo Abe is a bit socially awkward.

A new Japanese slang formed around Abe's famed inability to read the atmosphere in tense social situations. The Japanese call this 「空気読めない」(kuuki yomenai). That means, literally, "can't read the air." This image is similar to the English idiom, "can't feel the tension in the air." The Japanese have shortened this slang from kuuki yomenai to simply KY.

I try to explain to my Japanese friends that Americans could never comfortably say "KY" because of the personal lubricant brand of a similar name, but I always get really embarrassed trying to explain the phrase "personal lubricant." Anyway, this slang has become really popular as of late, and people always laugh when I say it because they never thought a foreigner would be able to use Japanese slang words! I've tried to think of a comprable American slang term, but I don't think we really don't have one. "Socially awkward" could possibly describe it, but I could think of nothing as succinct as "KY." So try using it with your friends. See what kind of reaction you get when you say, "Oh, yeah. Steve. He's really KY." I know I'll use it when I'm Stateside!


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