Drying Squid
It's weird enough that the Japanese eat squid. It's even weirder that they dry it before eating it. It's still weirder that they dry it by spinning it on a rack.I was terrified that a squid would fly off and hit me in the face. Mom stood so close to it she felt spray fly off of them. I have no idea why she would do such a thing. It was a horrible cephalopod tornado, the stuff of nightmares.


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  • At 4/03/2008 7:34 AM, Blogger Becky said…

    HEY! I have eaten squid!! Given my picky tendencies, I bet that surprises you a lot, huh? It surprised me too...but I did it=)
    I love you, Ruf. You're coming home verrrrry soon=D

  • At 4/04/2008 8:23 AM, Blogger Amanda said…

    eww..their little tentacley leg things are spinning around and around. Poor little squids. What is the plural of squid? hmm...you have a brave mother, I wouldn't even have gotten close enough to take that picture :)

  • At 4/05/2008 9:52 AM, Blogger aubrey said…

    That might be the strangest thing... ever.


  • At 4/08/2008 9:21 AM, Blogger Christine said…

    I felt for the poor little squid all by itself on the bottom rack, going so much slower than all the others!

    The other kicker: they hang them that way so that flies can't land on them and lay their eggs! Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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