Ten Things
Shamelessly stolen from Amanda.

Ten Things I Can’t Stand:

1. Comic Sans
2. repeating myself
3. socially awkward people (you know, the ones who just don't get it)
4. people doing things for me that I can do and want to do for myself
5. squid
6. octopus
7. fish eggs
8. Japanese fermented beans called nattou (they're sticky and smelly and apparently healthy)
9. miso soup
10. tofu

Ten Movies I Adore (in no particular order):

1. That Thing You Do!
2. Joe Vs. the Volcano
3. Shakespeare in Love
4. Pride and Prejudice (Keira version)
5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
6. Stranger Than Fiction
7. The Empire Strikes Back
8. Babel
9. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (Baz Lurhmann version)
10. Forrest Gump

Ten Programs/Games on my Computer:

1. Microsoft Office
2. Mozilla Firefox
3. Antivir Virus Protection
4. Google Desktop
5. 123 Free Solitaire
6. CCleaner
7. Spybot
8. AdAware
9. Minesweeper
10. Spider Solitaire

Ten Things I Want to Do in my Lifetime:

1. Have a dog
2. Dye some part of my hair purple
3. Write a symphony
4. Have my music performed in a major concert hall
5. Go to New Zealand
6. Go to London
7. Go to Paris
8. Own my own home
9. Get married
10. Have children

Ten CDs I Love:

1. Eric Whitacre-- The Complete A Capella Works
2. Mute Math-- self-titled album
3. Radiohead-- In Rainbows
4. Keane-- Under the Iron Sea
5. Aubrey's 2007 Christmas Mix
6. Angela Aki-- HOME
7. Lauryn Hill-- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
8. Coldplay-- Parachutes
9. The Beatles-- White Album
10. Gnarls Barkley-- St. Elsewhere

Ten Things in my Desk Drawers:

1. pencils
2. rubber stamps
3. scissors
4. American money
5. Chinese money
6. sticky tack
7. old greeting cards
8. tourist brochures from all over Japan
9. empty CD jewel cases
10. business cards

Ten Books I Treasure:

1. 1984-- George Orwell
2. Timeline-- Michael Crichton
3. The Chronicles of Narnia-- C.S. Lewis
4. old journals and diaries
5. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs-- Judi Barrett
6. my Chihuly Seaforms coffeetable book
7. Ethnomusicology-- Bruno Nettl
8. The Selected Works of e. e. cummings
9. Deep River-- Shusako Endo
10. 101 Sudoku Puzzles

Ten Moments I Remember (totally random ones I just happen to remember while thinking of moments):

1. LOTE, when I was being a brat because I was missing my then-boyfriend's birthday party, but it was a really meaningful "family bonding thing" for my parents.
2. Picking up a sand dollar on a beach in Florida with Kirtsen Bushzka and her family.
3. The time I may or may not have pushed Aaron off the chair when he broke his arm on the coffee table (I don't know if I really pushed him or not. I'm starting to think I really did push him).
4. In my college anatomy and physiology class we did a lab on the reproductive system. I happened to be looking at the plastic model of the male and I was looking at the penis and, not thinking, I said out loud, "Is this actual size?" Everyone in the class looked at me in shock. I tried to cover by saying, "The bladder. It's the size of my fist." The professor was trying (unsuccessfully) not to chuckle.
5. The night I drove my first car for the first time, I went into the Ice Cream Shoppe with a bunch of friends. An hour later when we came out, I saw that I left my headlights on.
6. In 8th grade I had to do some sort of group presentation and then present it to a 7th grade class. I was very enthusiastically explaining my section of the presentation, and Katie Goins told me to "perk down" in a very annoyed tone in front of my group and all the 7th graders.
7. Once in gym class sometime in elementary school while we lived in Brewton, AL, the gym teacher threatened to beat a kid with a wooden paddle because he thought the kid flipped him off. The kid (a fat black kid in a shirt too small for him) held up a balled-up fist and said, "No, I didn't, I was going like this!" I was terrified.
8. I watched a really scary and weird movie with Jenna Rhodes and her brother at her house while her parents were gone. I was traumatized for a long time of images of women in these weird hoop skirts without fabric bustling around this blind and deaf 20-year-old guy. There was also some sex, singing, and dancing, I think.
9. I remember walking to First Covenant Church when the weather was nice when we lived in Rockford, IL. I was probably six years old. I wore these cute, lacy dresses Mom made for me, and Aaron and Daniel and I always ran ahead and talked about how we named the trail the Red Rocket Trail or something like that.
10. I wanted to eat an orange creamsicle, but Mom said I couldn't take it over to the neighbor's house, because it was rude to eat an orange creamsicle in front of her if she didn't have one.

Ten Things I’m Never Without:

1. Gaijin card
2. bandaids
3. MD player
4. cell phone
5. some sort of lip balm
6. lotion
7. apartment keys
8. my two rings and my watch
9. underwear (I NEVER go commando)
10. hair clips of some kind

Ten Things I Love (other than people):

1. chips and salsa
2. a good cup of tea
3. hiking
4. fragrant flowers
5. laughing
6. remembering/interpreting my weird dreams
7. swimming in the ocean
8. beautiful scenery
9. cool song parts
10. karaoke
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  • At 5/18/2008 12:57 PM, Blogger Becky said…

    I never knew you lived in Rockford! I HATE that place; the roads suck, and it's laid out very stupidly. I bought my Sebring at the Saturn there=) Haha, I feel like we just bonded a tiny bit. I miss you!

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