Since I've been away from the US for almost 2 years now (excluding the two times I came home for visits), I feel like I'm missing out on little things, mostly pop culture and current events. When I browse people's blogs and Facebook and stuff like that, I frequently come upon little phrases or references I don't understand. Hopefully some of my readers can help me get back on track with the "hip lingo" before I get home.

Here's a list of a few things I don't get:
  • What does it mean to be "pwned"?
  • Why's "you are the cheese to my macaroni" so popular all of a sudden?
  • Who is Edward Cullen and why is he so great?
  • Why is the word "creeper" suddenly some kind of a joke?
  • Who is McDreamy?
  • What is the significance of being trout slapped?
I'll let you know when I think of more. Or, do you guys out there think I'm missing some new slang or current event that you could tell me about?
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  • At 5/01/2008 8:53 AM, Anonymous wynia said…

    -pwnd is internet jargon for "owned"...as in "bust!"

    -the cheese/macaroni saying has kind of grated on me...kind of like "cool beans" did when it first came out

    -never heard of Edward cullen

    -McDreamy is a doctor on Gray's Anatomy, which is some kind of medical drama that was evidently good a few years ago (I've never seen the evidence of that...just seems like the typical doctors sleeping around with eachother drama)

    -um...trout slap is dirty. consult urban dictionary

  • At 5/01/2008 1:40 PM, Blogger CLU said…

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  • At 5/01/2008 1:42 PM, Blogger CLU said…

    You will catch up on the pointless, useless jargon in no time, my dear. Count on it.
    McDreamy has also come to mean the ultimate hot guy in generic terms. Don't know if it arose from Grey's Anat or not.

  • At 5/01/2008 11:18 PM, Blogger candifer said…

    cheese to my macaroni is from the movie juno - about teenage pregnancy. it was good-ish.

    mcdreamy definitely came from grey's anatomy - actor patrick dempsey. gorgeous.

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