A view of Hiroshima from the Shinkansen.


written by Ruthie @ 6:01 AM  
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  • At 5/09/2008 8:06 AM, Blogger CLU said…

    Very cool. I take it you stopped in Hiroshima, then on to Kyoto.

  • At 5/10/2008 12:31 AM, Blogger Ruthie said…

    We stopped at a lot of places along the way. Hiroshima, Kobe, Fukuyama, then the last stop was Osaka.

  • At 5/10/2008 11:57 PM, Blogger JIFF said…

    My god
    It was exactly a year ago that I left for Japan the last time, I remember I arrived on mother's day.
    Your video got me really nostalgic, the PA voices, the sound of the tracks,the japanese that I can't really understand fully

    It almost brought tears to my eyes.

    When are you returning to America?

  • At 5/11/2008 8:25 AM, Blogger Ruthie said…

    I come back in August 2008. I start grad school at the end of the month.

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