Golden Week
Golden Week is a block of holidays in the first week of May. Often the holidays fall so that there is almost a week of vacation for students and some businesses. Lots of people travel during Golden Week, and students often come home from college for the first time during this break (since the school year starts in April). This year I went with Chi-chan to Kyoto.This is Kiyomizudera. I'm not sure what it's famous for, but it is probably the most famous tourist spot in Kyoto. Chi-chan told me one of its claims to fame is that lots of people used to commit suicide by jumping from the temple into the ravine below.

Another really famous site in Kyoto is the Golden Pavillion. I saw it with my mom when she came to visit, but since this was possibly Chi-chan's only time in her life to see Kyoto, it was a must-see on our list. The irises were blooming this time, and their deep purples were beautiful against the golden building.

At the entrance to Heian Shrine stands the largest torii gate I've ever seen.

One of the things Chi-chan really wanted to do was eat traditional-flavored sweets in Gion. So we did. And they were dang expensive. She really enjoyed her Green Tea Parfait, and I liked my Green Tea Parfait and Rice Cake Pudding thinger ok. Green tea is not my favorite ice cream flavor, but it was good with cake and whipped cream. Although, anything is good with cake and whipped cream.

While in Gion we saw maiko (apprentice geisha) walking home after entertaining somewhere. Everyone in the street stopped and watched in awe as they were quickly ushered in the gate of their home.

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