Fashion Forward
My mom and I had a discussion yesterday about my fashion sense. She agrees, like most people do, that I have a unique sense of fashion. I like to think that I'm ahead of the fashion curve-- I spot trends and adopt the good ones before other people do. While we were talking, I cited some examples of trends I've picked up.

Me: "Yeah, like remember when torquoise jewelery became super-popular when I was in high school? I was wearing torquoise before everybody else."
Mom: "Honey, I was wearing torquoise jewelery when I was in high school."
Me: "--well, but I was wearing capris the summer before they became big."
Mom: "I was wearing capris before you were born."
Me: "I bought a pair of high-waisted, wide leg pants before they came in style this year."
Mom: "Beat you to it."
Me: "I wanted a vest before they were big...?"
Mom: "Let's try a truly new trend, shall we?"
Me: "This conversation is getting ridiculous."
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  • At 11/28/2008 9:10 PM, Blogger Amanda said…

    ah, the cycle of fashion. i'm just wondering what will come back next - petticoats?

    And just because it's SO random...I'm watching the news while commenting on your blog and the story was about how a man beat his drunken neighbor with a decorative yard candy cane on thanksgiving. the drunk guy had a knife, so the candy can beater won't be facing charges! ah...it's not a holidy until someone's beaten with a candy cane...

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