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I am at school. And I am bored.

The three of us English teachers usually teach two classes a day, average. The rest of the day we are preparing for subsequent classes, surfing the web, napping, or, if we're really efficient, cleaning.

I got my physical done today. The school required that I have a chest x-ray and a general physical to check for TB. The physical consisted of a height/weight measurement, a short eye exam, and a doctor listening to my heart (is there a technical term for this?). The x-ray was interesting: I had to take off everything from the waist up, put on a hospital gown, stand in front of a metal plate, breathe deeply, and hope I wasn't getting too much radiation.

It's so friggin' hot here. One of the first words I learned was "mushiatsui"- muggy. Nick, Rachel and I walk to school around 7:30 every morning. By the time we reach the school at around 8:00, I am dripping with sweat. Rachel says it won't get cool until October, and then it gets really cold pretty quickly. Yay.

Apparently we were pretty close to getting hit by a typhoon yesterday (side note: the only difference between a typhoon and a hurricane is which side of the international date line its on). Even though the typhoon was so close to us, we really haven't had that much rain. I was surprised.
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  • At 9/07/2006 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh, Ruf, how I do miss you! =( =( I'm glad you're well; you're wonderful, and I'm very happy for you=)

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