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HyVee customers often put unwanted change-- mostly pennies-- into small translucent containers in front of the cash register. I imagine that at one point there was a display that explained the good cause to which the pennies were given: March of the Dimes or breast cancer victims or AIDS prevention in Africa. Now all that remains-- at every register-- is the plastic box-- no marker indicating a charity. And people continue to put money into them. I wonder what motivates their action. Do they place coins in the container assuming the money will be put toward some greater good? Or do they simply want to unburden their purses and pockets? In reality, they have no idea where their money is going. It could be supporting child pornography or a Neo-Nazi radical group or a coalition of baby seal poachers. I think that, even if people knew the truth, they wouldn’t care-- they just want to spare themselves the nuisance of a few extra pennies jingling in their pockets. When I worked at Burger King’s drive-thru I saw many customers, after receiving their change, let it fall from their hands onto the pavement below. It seems that Benjamin Franklin’s adage “A penny saved is a penny earned” doesn’t jive with our present culture of instant gratification. Americans would rather be rid of a present annoyance than bear it for a short while, even if it means profiting from the wait. Do people in other countries do this?


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  • At 8/25/2006 7:58 PM, Blogger Matt Hulstein said…

    One of the weird things in england was having coins which were actually worth something. Some coins were worth like 2, even 4 dollars. It was a big change for me...get it...change! Wow. Miss ya Miss Ruthie

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