Christmas Discoveries
I learned (or re-discovered) a lot of things about myself over break. Here is some little things:

I like venison steak.
I have an unnatural fear and suspicion of canned soup.
I hate, HATE when other people do my hair.
I hate when my hair is rain straight.
I know very little about perfume.
I actually don't hate omelets anymore.
I can tolerate certain cats.
I don't exercise enough.
I'm a lot cleaner than I previously thought.
I'm a pretty good wiier.
My skin care regimen needs to be updated.
I might just prefer sleeping on the floor to sleeping in a bed.
I have awesome family.
I have awesome friends.


written by Ruthie @ 2:48 PM  
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  • At 1/09/2009 11:28 PM, Blogger Becky said…

    So, I'm like half of those. And you DEFINITELY hate it when other people make your hair rain-straight! And I have awesome friends too :)
    Love you!!
    PS Got any of your perfume left?

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