Smitten with Spring
This morning I took the bus across campus to the public library downtown. After returning/getting books, I looked around for a bus going back to the music school, but thought better of it and started walking. I past the west gates and through the "rape forest" (it's pretty scary at night), past some statues of naked children who had been shoddily clothed in tightie whities by what may have been drunken frat boys, past several Gothic revival-style buildings of disciplines I have never heard of, an occaisional paper snowflake or static cling breaking the monotony of the windowpanes. The sun wasn't yet high in the sky, its slanted shafts warming the ground and making the now-melted frost sparkle. I saw patches of daffodils and violets and petunias, buds on trees, birds, squirrels. The crisp air flushed my cheeks, blew strands of hair in my face, cooled my neck and hands. I felt excited and full of energy. I felt giddy, like a twitterpated dope. I was smitten.
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My head feels like it weighs 200 pounds, and most of that weight is in mucus. The base of my skull must have been pounded on the concrete for awhile. My nose is a fountain of what appears to be corn syrup, but upon further inspection is definitely snot. My palms are clammy, my body is alternately on fire and freezing, and my eyes are being pushed out of my skull. Getting up to get more tea exhausts me. Based on this evidence, I am either turning into a zombie or I have a cold. At least being a zombie would be fun for awhile.
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"Today's programming brought to you in part by... the rhinovirus."
--overheard on TV, 3/6.

"We really like it that you young people like our music."
-- overheard, in reference to us singing along to "Free Bird" at karaoke, 2/27.


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About Me: I want to know who God is and what his truth is. I love getting lost in beautiful music and cloudless star-filled skies, especially in the fall. I hate being bored. I like big cities. I want to travel the world.
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