At first glance this plaque seems ordinary enough. Then, when one looks closely at the dates...

How can a 2-year-old have immeasurable love for a profession and a university? Was she taking correspondence courses in the womb?***

***After getting a few comments about this note on Facebook, I have realized I made a grave error: the dates don't say "b." and "d." in front of them. They say "A.B." and "A.M.," which probably means Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts. But the thought that a 2-year-old was memorialized in a plaque at a university is still hilarious.


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Free Pizza
On my Graduate Student Orientation Schedule Sheet, listed for today was the following:

Dean's Welcome, 11 am-12 noon
Please join us for an informational hour presented by the Dean of the Jacobs School of Music and followed by a free pizza lunch!

Several of my new friends and I sat together, most of us thinking the same thing: "I hope this meeting doesn't go all the way to noon, because I am hungry for free food!" Sure enough, the meeting ended shortly before noon, and we were dismissed-- without being told where the lunch would be held. All the music grads (about 75 people) wandered out various exits looking for a line of pizzas. Most of us ended up in front of the music library, standing around wondering where our food was. Finally, I decided to take action. I went back to where our meeting was held, only to find a few other students being told that neither the dean nor the director of graduate studies were aware that there was supposed to be free pizza. I laughed so hard at all of us poor students who only came to the meeting to get a free meal. My friends and I ended up having a very nice (but very un-free) lunch across the street. Though none of us ordered pizza.


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What I Know
I passed the sight-singing exam.
I am 99% sure I passed the theory exams.
I am worried about the music history exams. I may be taking the refresher course.
I rode the Bloomington bus for the first time today because I had to pay $24 for parking earlier. Taking the bus reminded me of Japan, which made me happy.
I register for classes tomorrow.
For lunch today I ate something called "spare ribs dinner" at a Chinese dive just off campus. I'm never ordering it again. The "rib" pieces were bright red and mostly translucent.
I know where almost all the music buildings are now. Not so sure about the rest of campus. I am, however, feeling more confident about my place in this new environment everyday.
I feel good about life today.


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Overheard in the commons Burger King:

"I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. I found a condom in his room and I knew it wasn't ours because I was on my period."

Overheard outside of the Musical Arts Center:

"I'm not so great at aural stuff... No, not oral. Aural... aural skills, not oral. I have an oral exam later."

This may become its own blog if I keep hearing stuff this awesome.


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Back Home.
I'm back in the USA.

It doesn't really feel too weird to be back in the States. Aside from realizing I had very little dairy in my diet in Japan and having to relearn how to manage my finances in the US (also, how to write out a check and how to use a debit card, of which I had forgotten my PIN), I haven't noticed any shocking changes. Things are kind of the way I expected them to be. I guess that's a good thing.

I do miss Japan, though. I miss the independence I had there. I miss my friends. I miss sushi. I miss knowing how everything works. I miss speaking Japanese, oddly. But I DO NOT miss the oppressive humidity. The weather at home is GORGEOUS.


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The 3rd-year junior high school students (9th grade to Americans) learned how to tie and wear yukata (summer kimono) about a month ago at a seminar. The foreign teachers were invited to participate. This is a photo of the back of a few of my students in the yukata they put on themselves.


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Thoughts on Leaving
I leave Shimonoseki tomorrow morning.

I leave Japan Monday afternoon.

I am excited.

I am nervous.

I am sad.

I am tired.

I am hungry.

I think I'll go eat lunch.


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