Fashion Forward
My mom and I had a discussion yesterday about my fashion sense. She agrees, like most people do, that I have a unique sense of fashion. I like to think that I'm ahead of the fashion curve-- I spot trends and adopt the good ones before other people do. While we were talking, I cited some examples of trends I've picked up.

Me: "Yeah, like remember when torquoise jewelery became super-popular when I was in high school? I was wearing torquoise before everybody else."
Mom: "Honey, I was wearing torquoise jewelery when I was in high school."
Me: "--well, but I was wearing capris the summer before they became big."
Mom: "I was wearing capris before you were born."
Me: "I bought a pair of high-waisted, wide leg pants before they came in style this year."
Mom: "Beat you to it."
Me: "I wanted a vest before they were big...?"
Mom: "Let's try a truly new trend, shall we?"
Me: "This conversation is getting ridiculous."
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The funniest part about this overheard statement is the complete lack of context I have. I was walking down the hall in the ground floor of the Simon Center and I heard a guy talking to his friend:

"... because, first of all, I don't think I'll ever really want to wear women's clothes again, and..."

That's really all I heard, despite my best efforts to nonchalantly crane my neck to hear the rest.

Overheard in the Simon Center, 11/10.


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New Blogs
Checkout my blogroll on the right for a couple new and hilarious blogs:
  • Why Would You Knit That?! Very much in the vein of Cake Wrecks and Go Fug Yourself, this site mocks poorly knitted things and knitted things that are just in poor taste. It's pretty hilarious. I especially thought my mom would get a kick out of it, seeing as she knits (usually tasteful things :P).
  • Fail Blog: The FAIL phenomenon kind of annoys me, especially when spoken and not written in bold letters over a picture of someone "failing" at something. That said, this blog had the potential to be extremely annoying. What I found when I first visited it, however, was that it was difficult to contain my guffaws so as not to disturb others in the computer lounge.


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Lately I've been on a big Bjork kick (Bjork is a musician from Iceland, probably most famous for wearing the swan dress to the Oscars some years ago). I was listening to the song "Hyper-ballad" this morning. I usually just enjoy the sound of the music as it washes over me, and start singing along at the chorus without really thinking about it. However, for the first time today, payed closer attention to the lyrics:

We live on a mountain
Right at the top
There's a beautiful view
From the top of the mountain
Every morning I walk towards the edge
And throw little things off
Car parts, bottles and cutlery
Or whatever I find lying around

It's become a habit
A way
To start the day

I go through all this
Before you wake up
So I can feel happier
To be safe up here with you

It's early morning
No one is awake
I'm back at my cliff
Still throwing things off
I listen to the sounds they make
On their way down
I follow with my eyes 'til they crash
Imagine what my body would sound like
Slamming against those rocks

When it lands
Will my eyes
Be closed or open?

I haven't decided if these lyrics are poetic genius or just insanity, but either way, they sound hilarious when sung in Bjork's quirky, breathless style.


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