Fun Facts

The word for “green” has some kind of spiritual connotation in Japanese, so the traffic lights are red, yellow, and blue.

The mullet is a very popular hairstyle. For men and women.

Blood type has special significance in matchmaking for the Japanese. Type As are nervous, aggressive people. Type Bs are more easy-going. Type Os are “strange,” according to my students.

Kanji (characters borrowed from Chinese) do not have only one sound. The sound changes depending on the context. For example, the kanji for “person” (人) sounds like “hi-to” when alone. Next to other characters, though, it changes to “jin.” So the translation of the word “foreigner” (外国人) sounds like “gai-koku-jin.”

There are vending machines EVERYWHERE! By everywhere I mean one about every 50 feet-- no joke. The crazy thing is that it is a social taboo to drink a soda or something while walking around in public.

Sometimes when Japanese students are nervous, they will draw the character for “person” (人) on their hand with their finger three times, then pretend to swallow the characters from their hand. No joke. Shiori's mom told me this. She saw a student at the speech contest do it.

P.S. This update is just so Aubrey can procrastinate a little more. Here's to you, Backdoorpheusophyll.


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