Things I ate last night:
raw salmon
blowfish (and I survived)
natto (fermented soybeans)
cheesecake (and I survived)

We went to kaitensushi last night. Kaitensushi is a special sushi restaurant where the sushi is prepared fresh and placed on a conveyor belt that snakes around all the tables of the restaurant. Patrons can either grab a dish off the belt or they can order something from a menu. The patron can determine the price of the dish based on the color or pattern of the plate.

I was pretty freaked out at first, especially when I saw baby octupi and cooked fish heads go by on the conveyor belt. After that I told my friends not to tell me what I was eating until I swallowed it.

To my surprise, I liked the eel the best. Katie said eel is best eaten with a sweet soy sauce. The squid was tolerable, but the texture was not my favorite. It was pretty bland without wasabi or pickled ginger. The natto was disgusting. The salmon was quite good. The blowfish was alright. I think it would have been better if Katie hadn't put so much vinegar on it. The cheesecake was awesome, albeit not as good as mother's.

In the photo: raw blowfish, called fugu, is Shimonoseki's specialty.
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